For more than six years, all the attention of men who wanted to enlarge their penis was just one product – VigRX ™.

Now you have a better option.

Albion Nutraceuticals has succeeded in what many considered impossible – to develop a product that is better than VigRX ™. The product is called VigRX Plus ™.

After extensive research and studies, we made a startling discovery. Three additional ingredients increase the effect of VigRX ™. The original recipe of VigRX has been improved, VigRX Plus ™ has been developed. A major reason for the improvement is an ingredient that no other penile enlargement product contains – Bioperine®. You’ll see why Bioperine® is so effective and why it’s a component of VigRX Plus ™ that throws away all competitive products.

Like its predecessor, VigRX Plus ™ helps defeat the biggest fear of all women – a too small penis.

If you are tired of getting embarrassed about sex because of your penis size … if you want better sex … there is only one choice – VigRX Plus ™.

If you use VigRX Plus ™ you will get:

  • Bigger, harder, longer erections when you want.
  • more sexual stamina and a greater sense of pleasure.
  • stronger, more intense orgasms.
  • no mood-killing premature ejaculations.

There is a good reason that VigRX ™ is the standard product on which all other penis enlargement pills are measured. No other product can achieve comparable positive results as the breakthrough formulation of VigRX ™.

We are pleased to have VigRX ™ improved to make it even more effective. A key factor in this improved formulation is Bioperine®. Bioperine® – clinically tested as a means of increasing the intake of herbal supplements. Clinical studies in the US have shown that Bioperine® increases the intake of nutrients that are taken concomitantly. Simply put, Bioperine® improves the effects of supplements.

Albion Nutraceuticals has successfully helped thousands of men to have bigger, firmer erections and a better sex life. We are a dedicated team of experts dedicated to strengthening and improving sexual functions and pleasure. Problems for which there was no solution for a long time, such as the size of the erection or weak potency, can now be overcome.

When you take VigRX Plus ™ you will quickly understand why VigRX ™ is the bestselling product of its kind. In addition, VigRX Plus ™ is the safest, most effective and completely non-invasive method of improving your sexual well-being.

VigRX Plus ™ has no unwanted side effects

Consumption recommendation: swallow 2 capsules daily with water without chewing.

Manufacturers, Albion Medical, have sought the advice of the world’s leading experts in sexual health and have appointed qualified medical professionals to develop a product that is considered to be the most effective natural erectile dysfunction supplement and many related erectile dysfunction problems, often with Viagra compared.

What can VigRX Plus do?

The target group is all sexually active men, regardless of their age, who want to improve their erection. If you take two tablets daily, you can expect the following results:

  • A Steadier Erection – Increases Stiffness and Intensity of Erection
  • A Bigger Erection – Makes your erect penis longer and thicker by the
  • expansion of the swell body
  • Control of ejaculation – a longer-lasting erection
  • Better orgasm – increased sensitivity
  • Stronger libido – improved sex drive and potency

How VigRX Plus works

The ingredients contained in each capsule have all been used for several decades in different cultures around the world and have been shown to have aphrodisiac effects.

The effect of these naturally occurring substances is based on the increase of the blood supply into the porous chambers in the cavernous body – the swelling tissue which runs on both sides along the penis.

In the picture on the opposite side, you can see the porous swelling tissue in the flaccid state. When a sexual arousal is triggered, the spongy chamber fills with blood. Depending on how much blood is pressed into this chamber, the better, bigger and stronger is the erection.

Like any other “muscle” in the male body, the definition of the penis depends on the amount of blood that is supplied.

How fast can I calculate with results?

After the first few weeks, you can expect a noticeable improvement in both definition and scope. Your erection should be stiffer and last longer.

You should see an improvement in length and girth in the second month, and you should also be able to better control your ejaculation. In the third month, you should also experience increased sensitivity along with increased levels of a penis in the erect and flaccid states.

Medical Advocacy And Clinical Trials

VigRX Plus has received many enthusiastic recommendations from some of the world’s leading and most respected authorities. It is often used as a natural alternative or substitute to Viagra.

Doctor of Medicine Steven Lamm is not usually known to associate with commercial products, but he still enthusiastically supports VigRX Plus and recommends this product to his male patients for all sorts of sexual problems or erectile dysfunction.

Possible by-products

Albion Medical has strict safety guidelines, all commercial products are extensively tested before launch and several times while it is on the market. There are no known side effects when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

It is also suitable for vegetarians.

Works VigRX Plus – Is It Recommended

Do you have problems with your erection, no sex drive or just want to have a more impressive penis? Then that could be the best issue you’ve ever made. Highly recommended.

VigRX Plus Experiences & Testing – Real Impact or Rip-off?

In this test, we tell you about our VigRX Plus experience. According to the manufacturer is a revolutionary product for penis enlargement, which leaves the competition in the shade. Diligent readers of our portal know that one should always be skeptical of such promises. Whether it’s worth buying this penis pill, what’s in it and whether it actually works, you’ll learn in the VigRX Plus test!

VigRX Plus – Effect: What does the manufacturer advertise?

Update 29 May 205: The manufacturer has meanwhile removed many of his promises to the effect of his website. So this is information that was once made, but now no longer be advertised.

As usual, we throw in the check first a look at the advertising of the manufacturer. If you take a first look at the VigRX website, you will notice the supposedly attractive promises:

  • Its ingredients are the freshest, of the highest quality and of course.
  • No other product can match the effect of VigRX.
  • It has been put together the perfect mix of nutrients for the penis.
  • The contained Bioperine® is called revolutionary enhancer.
  • So the manufacturer and that is only a small excerpt from the copywriting, which can be found on the product page. Even more is borne in mind by the effects allegedly found in clinical trials:

A small graphic shows z. B. VigRX Plus experiences that roughly describe an increase of 5cm in 9 weeks. In addition, the supplement should have the following effects on the potency:

  • It should improve the sexual condition
  • A sense of youth and zest for action should arise
  • The libido should be increased
  • The sex appeal should improve
  • The feeling of pleasure should increase
  • “Sex glands” should be strengthened and stimulated
  • Increased circulation of penis tissue
  • It should support the production of sex hormones
  • It should have a positive effect on nervous system, fears & stress resistance
  • The cardiovascular system should be strengthened

There are of course no side effects – after all, it’s all purely herbal, according to the manufacturer. At one point or another, we actually had to smile. It is amazing how creative you approach such a product. But I want to hold back with evaluations until the VigRX Plus test – first we look at how the product should be taken and what it costs.

How should the supplement be taken?

A monthly ration of VigRX consists of 60 capsules, two of which are consumed daily. At the same time, noticeable effects should occur in the first month. The first three months of ingestion are described by the manufacturer as follows:

  • First month: The erections should be more persistent and the thickness of the penis should increase already.
  • Second month: Drastic changes should take place and the increase in sexual stamina should be visible in the mirror – sounds interesting, if not quite logical.
  • Third Month: In the agitated state, the penis should look harder, stronger and firmer.

Overall, these descriptions sound strange and incoherent. Sometimes there is the talk of a penis enlargement and sometimes it’s just that the erection looks better or is harder. Whether the VigRX Plus experience will actually look like that is more than questionable.

Where can I buy VigRX Plus and how much is the fun?

If you want to buy VigRX Plus, the offers are primarily in the manufacturer, as well as in relevant miracle shops – of seriousness is there, however, rarely speak, that says one already the first impression. The price scale looks like this:

  1. 1 month: 60 capsules for about 70 €
  2. 2 months: 120 capsules for about 131 €
  3. 3 months: 180 capsules for about 188 € …

… and so on. At the top, of course, the cost per pill drops. In addition, shipping costs of € 27 come – understandably, for such a box you must schonmal commission a heavy transporter, we can see that. Have fun: whoever wants to buy VigRX has to dig deep into their pockets. Is that worth it? Maybe we can allow ourselves an opinion after looking at the ingredients in the VigRX Plus review.

VigRX Plus Test – the ingredients under the microscope!

Bioperine®: This material, which is spoken on the side of the manufacturer only in the very highest tones – it should be able to revolutionize the entire market for supplements – it is … Pepper! More specifically, an extract of this spice that is found in every well-stocked kitchen. That sounds pretty revolutionary. The extract is said to improve the absorption of other substances, and the pepper is actually known for that. Whether in the case of VigRX, however, there is any substance worth increasing, is still to be determined.

Damiana: A plant from Mexico, which is said to have, among other things, an aphrodisiac effect that has not yet been scientifically confirmed.

Horny Goat Weed: Another herbal aphrodisiac , with no proven human effects on sexual sensibility and potency.

Cuscuta Seed Extract: According to the manufacturer’s VigRX experience, there should be an Asian study confirming efficacy in terms of increasing semen volume. We could not find this study and even if it did, it would still have nothing to do with an enlargement of the penis. Of course, the continued aphrodisiac effect has never been scientifically substantiated.

Ginko: The Ginko can help the elderly with dementia is known, but an effect on the potency – as the manufacturer describes it – is rather questionable. There is the talk of strengthening general health and vascular blood flow. Okay, but how is this going to affect the size of the penis? We are not aware of any study that confirms Ginko potency in healthy men.

Red ginseng: Should also promote blood circulation, provide more energy and help with erectile dysfunction. Again, the effect is negligible and does not help with an enlargement of the penis.

Saw palmetto extract: You may already know this substance from the Natural XL experience or the Penirium test . It is a natural 5α-reductase inhibitor that reduces the conversion of testosterone into DHT – just stupid, the DHT is significantly responsible for a healthy, strong libido.

Hawthorn berry: traditionally used to reduce high blood pressure. Again, a substance that could be helpful to old, sick people, but has only to do with power in the faintest sense.

I think that’s where we break it off. The other two plant compounds in the VigRX Test – Catuaba Beef Extract and Muira Pauma Beef Extract – belong to the same category as Damiana and Co.

On the basis of my VigRX experience I allow the following verdict:
Most of the ingredients are herbs that have anecdotal reports – eg. T. comparable with grated rhinoceros, which is used in Africa to increase potency.

All active ingredients are massively underdosed. In 2 capsules fit about 2 grams – how should a plant extract, which is so low doses show any effect?
It is not clear in this mixture what exactly the manufacturer wants to do with VigRX Plus – just as with the effects described above. Should it enlarge the penis , improve the erection or help old people get back on their feet? Apart from the fact that due to the underdosing none of these goals would be achievable, the product overall seems little thoughtful.

VigRX experience: conclusion to the test.

Conclusion to our VigRX Plus experiences
On the one hand, the usual points stand out in the VigRX Plus test – under-dosed, questionable ingredients, extremely high price – and secondly, the manufacturer does not even agree on what his product should actually do.

However, one thing is certain, that an enlargement of the penis is not one of the abilities of this miracle pill – to achieve this, only one thing can help: ▷ Penis training or an operation. If you’ve been hoping to improve your erection with VigRX , then I’ll have to disappoint you as well – read our article on this topic.

As is usual with such a product, there is no credible VigRX experience in the form of reports or tests by independent persons who are more than willing to sell you this supplement.

Conclusion: This dietary supplement is no alternative to effective methods of penis enlargement – z. B. for Phallosan forte – as well as for improving the erection. So, buying VigRX Plus is something you should quickly get out of your head.